Staff Form


Mrs. Makarowski 1 6/7
Ms. Chetty 2 6/7
Mr. Gaitens website 3 6/7 MACC
Mr. Mah 4 6/7
Mr. Wong 5 5/6
TBA 6 5/6
Ms. Geddes website 7 4/5 MACC
Ms. Botic

Ms. Zappavigna

8 4/5
Mr. Mulholland 9 4/5
Ms. Lim 10 3/4
Ms. Karvelis 11 3/4
Ms. Pantusa 12 2/3
Ms. Arora 13 1/2
Ms. Fong 14 1/2
Ms. Lieu 15 1
Ms. Di Salvo website 16 K
Ms. Quin website 17 K
Mr. Canuel

Dist. Alt. Program

Non-Enrolling Staff

Teacher Email Website Role
Ms. Lui website Music
Mrs. Koster website ELL
Ms. Schafer ELL/NIS
Mrs. S. Cox Inclusive Education Teacher
Mr. Cohen website (this site takes you outside of sd41) Band
Mrs. Bogunovic website Teacher Librarian
Ms. Hundle Counsellor
Ms. Filippelli website Speech and Language Pathologist
Ms. Ou website Settlement Worker
Ms. Chang Education Assistant
Ms. Gardiner Educational Assistant
Mr. Kang Educational Assistant
Ms. Janeo Educational Assistant
Ms. Sun Educational Assistant
Mrs. Tvergyak Educational Assistant
Ms. Varghese Educational Assistant
Ms. Ho Educational Assistant
Ms. Machado Educational Assistant
Ms. Yutuc Educational Assistant
Mrs. Navratil Hot Food Service Worker

 Administration / Office

Ms. Carson Principal
Ms. Lundrigan Head Teacher and Inclusive Education Teacher
Mrs. Leung Secretary
Office Support