Enrolment: 386

Principal: Jennifer Carson

Head Teacher: Stephanie Lundrigan

Administrative Secretary: Nancy Leung

Trustee Liaison:Peter Cech

Our school is a welcoming community that promotes an inclusive and happy learning environment. Members of our school strive to create  caring and engaging learning opportunities for our students. The partnership of parents, students, staff and community members make this school great!

Capitol Hill is over 100 years old and is located along the Hastings Street corridor, and minutes from Burnaby Mountain. We have a diverse student population of 386 students in grades Kindergarten through seven, who exhibit a wide variety of learning strengths and stretches.  We are privileged to be home to the District M.A.C.C. Program (Multi-Age Cluster Classes) and the District Alternative Program.

Our Parent Advisory Council has a significant role in all aspects of school life at Capitol Hill. They assist in bringing our school and our community together by hosting family events such as the Multicultural Dinner and organizing several school fundraisers.  We truly value the contribution they make and appreciate their support as partners in the educational experience for all children.