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Your Input Matters: Inviting Feedback on Redesigned School Goals

We are excited to share a significant achievement in our educational journey— the culmination of a year and a half long, collaborative process to redefine our school goals. This work has been carefully aligned with the guiding principles outlined from the Ministry of Education and the Burnaby School District Strategic Plan, reflecting our commitment to excellence and inclusivity.

Throughout this transformative journey, our dedicated staff, in partnership with our students, has engaged in data collection, meaningful conversations, and thoughtful planning to draft goals that aim to represent the needs of our students and the aspirations of our school community. Please find the draft school goals below this email.

To learn more about the process used to create these goals, we invite you to a Coffee and Conversation on Friday, February 2nd at 9am in the Capitol Hill Library. We also invite you to provide your feedback, as your perspectives are vital in shaping the path ahead as we collectively work towards providing the best possible educational experience for our students and a bright future for our school community. You are encouraged to provide feedback on the redefined goals using this link.


DRAFT Reading Goal: Increase reading proficiency for all students (K-7).

Objective 1Students (K-7) will improve their reading accuracy, stamina, and reading rate as shown through classroom and school-wide reading assessment data. 

Objective 2Students (K-7) will use developmentally appropriate reading strategies and skills to make meaning of what is being read as shown through classroom and school-wide assessment data.

DRAFT Social-Emotional GoalStudents (K-7) will demonstrate social responsibility by being active, caring, and responsible members of our school community. ​

Objective 1:​ Students will develop and maintain diverse, positive peer and intergenerational relationships in a variety of contexts as measured by anecdotal evidence, self-reflections, and surveys.​

Feedback Form: