West Coast Recess at Capitol Hill

At Capitol Hill we believe it is healthy for children to get outside throughout the day for fresh air and exercise. Living on the West Coast we know that our climate contains a consistent amount of rainfall especially as the fall and winter months approach. It makes sense that in our climate we are well prepared to be outside in the rain. We have begun going outside during every recess even if is raining. It is very important for students to dress appropriately in the event of this wet weather.  Please talk with your child(ren) to ensure that they have a suitable coat and footwear for rainy days.

Being prepared for the weather

We know that if children are well prepared to be outside in the rain they actually enjoy it. As long as they stay dry and warm there is a great deal of fun to be had in all kinds of weather. To be prepared to be outside in the rain it is important for your child to have:

  • A rain coat or water resistant covering
  • Rubber boots to keep feet dry (if you are able to provide them with a pair to keep at school that would be perfect)
  • “Muddy Buddies” – rain pants they can quickly slip over their clothes (much like they would snow pants)
  • An umbrella
  • A rain hat or coat with a hood
  • A change of clothes just in case. (sweatpants, sock, underwear, t-shirt)