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Hornet Week (May 16th – 20th)

We will be holding our Hornet Week this week (Monday, May 16th – Friday, May 20th).  During this week  students will take part in Sports Day like events throughout the week, as well as other fun-filled and spirit building activities.  Students have the opportunity to win a host of great prizes for participating in these activities!

House Teams:

Red House                      Yellow House             Green House                              Blue House

Div. 1 (Makarowski)          Div. 2 (Berg)                Div. 3 (Gaitens)                       Div. 4 (Wong)

Div. 6 (Bovell)                   Div. 5 (Jeffery)             Div. 8 (Botic/Zappavigna)        Div. 7 (Chu)

Div. 13 (Brancati)             Div. 12 (Graafen)         Div. 10 (Karvelis)                   Div. 9 (Armstrong/Kashima)

Div. 17 (Quin)                   Div. 16 (Kovac)           Div. 15 (Lieu)                            Div. 11 (Sewell/Phillip\

 Div. 14 (Arora) – YELLOW HOUSE

COLOUR DAYS:  Everyone wear these colours to earn points for your team!

Monday – Red Day

Tuesday:  Yellow Day

Wednesday:  Green Day

Thursday: Blue Day

Friday: House Day