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Hallowe’en/October Month End Assembly-Wednesday, October 31st

We will be having our Hallowe’en/Month End Assembly on Wednesday, October 31st at 1:30pm in the gymnasium. Everyone is welcome to attend. Students are welcome to wear a Hallowe’en costume to school on Wednesday, October 31st. We will have a school-wide parade in the gym during our month end assembly. Our assembly will be starting at approximately 1:30 pm. We have a few requests around costumes for that day. First of all, we ask that students hold off putting on their costumes until the afternoon (unless otherwise requested by your child’s classroom teacher) as the costumes are often not very conducive to the different morning activities that the teachers are planning. We also ask that all weapons even fake ones, and other violent parts of costumes be left at home. With so many little ones at the school, many may get scared by some of the costumes, and as this is supposed to be a fun school-wide event, it would impact the spirit of this day. Please remember that costumes should not make fun of others or portray a negative stereotype. Secondly, if your child’s costume contains a mask, we ask that you either leave it at home or if they want to show it off during our costume parade then they will be allowed to wear it for that time only. Masks should not be worn in the classroom as it will make afternoon learning more difficult. Have a safe and Happy Hallowe’en!