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Earthquake Procedure Practice Dispersal – Wed. May 23rd 2:30pm

On Wednesday, May 23rd we will hold our next earthquake procedures.  We will hold this procedure rain or shine, so please have your children dress appropriately in the event of rain, as we will be spending at least a portion of our time outside. This drill will include all of the pieces we have practiced in the previous drills. This next practice drill will also include the release of the students to their parent/guardian or designated adult. The practice drill will begin at about 1:00pm in the classroom, followed by the evacuation of the students to the field. If you are available to pick up your child(ren) we will begin releasing children at approximately 2:30pm. This release of children will be done in an orderly manner. Please follow these procedures to pick up your child: Please do not enter the field area until we are ready to release children. We ask that you wait along the grassy area adjacent to the driveway (off of Hastings Street entrance). We will have staff in these areas to help direct you when we are ready to begin releasing students. The adult who is picking up the child(ren) will need to report to the alphabetic groups by student last name – A to E, F to K, L to M, N to T,  & U to Z. PLEASE BRING YOUR IDENTIFICATION (eg. Driver’s Licence) as it will be checked. You will need to sign your child out there. Your child will have all of his/her belongings so that they can be dismissed from the field. Please leave the area promptly to help with the congestion on the field.

If you or the designated adult is not available to pick up your child at this time, we will gather all of the remaining students and bring them back to classes to be dismissed at our usual dismissal time (2:48pm).