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COVID19 Rapid Antigen Tests for Students

Each student will be receiving a box of COVID19 rapid antigen tests containing 5 test kits (if you have 2 children attending Capitol Hill you will receive 2 boxes,etc.).

We have been directed to disburse the kits directly to parents/guardians and not to our students. We would like to thank the families who were able to pick up their Antigen Rapid Tests this afternoon from our school gymnasium.  If you are able to pick up your antigen tests tomorrow (Friday, March 11) when you drop off your children at school in the morning, the tests will be available at the North Entrance doors (in the small undercover area) from 8:30am to 9:15am.  or you can pick up your testing kits from the office the later in the day (Friday, March 11) or at your earliest convenience after Spring Break.  Please ring the door bell to pick up your antigen tests after the scheduled Friday, March 11th pick up.

Please see the information from the BCCDC site on the safe use of the Rapid Test at home:

If you have any questions please contact our school office (604 296-9006).